about bookstagram tours

Why Bookstagram Tours are a win-win for both Bookstagrammers and authors or publishers:

-Bookstagrammers: You get the chance to receive a book for free and the chance to be able to feature a brand new book on your account. Free book to photograph alert with basically no effort except the super small requirements (read further below for requirements). You will also gain followers from being mentioned on this site and from being listed as a requirement to follow for giveaways (meaning that people who want to enter giveaways will have to follow you in order to enter a specific giveaway).

-Authors/Publishers: You and your book are able to gain so much exposure with the help of the Bookstagram community since it's grown so huge. You gain followers on social media (especially through giveaways). Your book gains much more adds and interest on consumer websites. Book sales go up! (:

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