Hello! Welcome to my FAQ page. I am constantly asked a lot of questions about my booktube channel and Fandom Monthly Magazine, so I thought I would answer your questions here! If you still have a question that wasn't answered here, please feel free to email me at LovingDemBooks@gmail.com

What camera do you film on?
I film on a Canon Rebel T5i.

What editing software do you use?
I used to use Final Cut Pro X, but then somehow it got deleted off my laptop, and I am unable to download it again, which means I have to repurchase it. At this time, I currently using iMovie.

Which books have you read?
I'm flattered that you would like to know! You can find the books that I've read here on my goodreads read shelf here

Are you accepting books for review?
I am, but as seen from my latest book hauls, I have a ton of books to read, which means I will tend to be quite picky in which books I will next review! If you would like to see if your book makes it through the picky selection, feel free to email me at LovingDemBooks@gmail.com!
 If you would like your book reviewed by the team at Fandom Monthly Magazine, please fill out the form here

How do you get free books?
Receiving books for free in exchange for my honest opinion is a huge blogging and booktubing perk. I receive books for free and from publishers because I have a solid following on Fandom Monthly Magazine (blog), my booktube channel, and I also arrange online author book/blog tours. All of these things are factors in receiving books for review. If you would like to receive free books in exchange for a review, I recommend starting a blog or booktube channel! Having a media platform with a solid following is the first and most important step towards receiving books for free in exchange for review. After you start a blog or booktube channel, please make sure you have a solid following, and a pretty big number of reviews before you go contacting publishers, asking for free books. If a publisher likes what they see, you never know, the publisher themselves might contact you instead of you contacting them, saying that they would like to send you a free book! 

Will you donate one of your books to me?
Yes, I do have multiple copies of the same books, but I tend to save those books for book swaps with friends, and promotional giveaways. That being said, I am unable at this time to donate books. If you would like a chance to win free books, I recommend entering the Fandom Monthly Magazine book giveaways! You can enter here (xoxo, may the odds be ever in your favor)

BookTube Tours??

Click here to visit the BookTube tours page if you are an author that would like to book a tour or a BookTuber who would like to sign up and become a host!


  1. I have yet to receive my book tour book, The Last of the Firedrakes by Farah Oomerbhoy, and my review is expected to be up in less than a week.