Thursday, September 1, 2016



Oh how much I love audiobooks.  I love audiobooks.  Did I mention that I love audiobooks yet?

Basically, every waking moment of every day, I am listening to an audiobook. Ask anyone who knows me personally. 

I used to not read that much.  Now, I read A TON.  Because of audiobooks!!!!! Want to know how to read more/faster??? READ AUDIOBOOKS. 

My #1 recommended audiobook site is Audible. Audible has a super affordable monthly membership (that gives you 2 free audiobooks a month). If you aren't looking for a subscription, you can sign up here and just buy audiobooks when you wan't to listen to them without a monthly membership. (This post is not sponsored in any way, shape, or form). 

From all the audiobook platforms I've used, Audible has been by far, the best. It's the easiest player to use. Audible also has the largest selection of audiobooks to choose from AND has tons of deals and sales ALL THE TIME.

As for audiobook recommendations, I recommend these:

If you need good headphones to listen to your Audible audiobooks out, check out these:

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